Well I do click and drag games. If you want me to do one of a fandom, just let me know. Idk.
And please make sure you click "request?" before dropping a fandom in my ask.
You might get dizzy in my blog, be warned lol.
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    My best friend is Gwain my lover is uther my first kiss is gwain my enemy is morgana I’m clock blocked by mordred and...
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    Merlin Lover: Arthur First Kiss: Morgana Gwain Cockblocked by: Arthur Killed by: Giaus
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    Best Friend-Merlin Lover-Lancelot First Kiss- Gwaine Enemy- Uther Cock blocked- Gwaine Killed by- Lancelot
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    wow that was a wild ride.
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    Best friend- morgana, lover- mordred, first kiss- merlin, enemy- gaius, cockblocked- morgana, killed by- merlin
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    Best Friend- Arthur Lover- Arthur First Kiss- Lancelot Enemy- Gaius Cockblocked by- Lancelot Killed by- Gaius Omg Gaius...
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    I think I’m a not-evil witch that happens to oppose Uther… Best friend Morgana, lover Lancelot, first kiss Lancelot,...
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    Best Friend: Gwen Lover: Morgana First Kiss: Arthur Enemy: Gais Cockblocked by: Gwaine Killed By: Mordred
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    best friend: Uther arthur First kiss: Arthur Arthur Cockblocked by: morgana killed by: Arthur. This made me laugh alot...
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    Best Friend: Gwaine Lover: Merlin First Kiss: Arthur Enemy: Gwen CockBlocked by: Gaius Killed by: Morgana
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    Best Friend: Uther (NO! WHY?!) Gwaine…. First Kiss: Morgana (… >__>; ) Lancelot Cockblocked By: Merlin. (Augh! No! why?!...
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    Best friend: Merlin Arthur First kiss: Arthur Lancelot Cockblocked by: Gwaine Killed by: Gwen